Your dissertation or thesis is in safe hands with us.

Standard book binding is in a plain black imitation leather or bookcloth, but other colours and materials can be used if your educational institution allows it, or for your own personal copies of your work.

A4L Thesis
A4P Thesis
This architectural thesis had to have an A4 Landscape layout - no problem! Unlike many binderies, we will do landscape and other non-standard bindings.
An A4 Portrait layout for a dissertation bound in black imitation leather, with the title gold-foiled on the front cover and the spine.
This medical student ordered a set of plain black copies of
her thesis to meet the academic requirements, plus two copies bound
in a much classier dark green imitation leather for her own library!
Thesis Hardcover
A neat stack of MBA theses bound and foiled for the college.
Soft-cover Thesis
These dissertations have been bound in softcover according to the student's specifications. The binding is much stronger than conventional perfect binding or office machine binding.